G Herbo – 4 Minutes Of Hell (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

Intro(Lets get it! Fazo Land Roc Bloc L’s)

[Verse 1] (Lil Herb)
I remember growing up tryin get it
Gotta eat by any means, for that green I was with it
But I had to humble down I learned
Money come around now I’m tryin to raid the town
So my clips scrape the ground
If I’m riding round ima get that
Petty stains i ain’t with that
Never fed in to the chit chat
Cause these fuck niggas they’ll act hard til the mac spark
Leave em flatlined in the backyard thats a quick hit
Scratch the hit list
My lil niggas gone flip shit
Don’t tolerate no bitch shit
Mossbergs that’s 6’6 better duck from the bucks
Buck after buck, 1 leave em stuck 2 leave em slumped Throw the pumps in the trunk
Knuck if you want if he jump he a chump
Better watch how he move if he clutch he’ll dump
I ain’t worried bout em, I ain’t taking no L’s
Only heard about em cause the old heads told stories about em
And Rel just told me, Herb man fuck em up
And that’s what ima do, so if you riding, man buckle up
You know its goin down, so the guys gone knuckle up
We booming on the work, so on the first they come and fuck with us
They know we got that drop, yall rocks playing double dutch
Stepped on concrete, washed out like laundry
Pharrow in the cut Dooski twisting up the blunt
And Remo in the garage and grab the ozz so we can stunt
I be getting money, keep it coming, new joints on my feet for nothing
Bitches always staring at me, trying to get a piece of something
And they can’t get a piece of shit, still i make them eat the dick
I’ll never be a stain, and I’m always Fazo Land so ill never be a lame
Niggas playing hard to kill, That’ll never be a game cause if we catch you we doing you
Farewells at funerals, hollow tips get to chewing you
Let him see the light
Ain’t no time to revive he gone rest in peace tonight
Make him fight for his life
Pussy nigga should have never brought a knife to the fight
Tell his moms her baby boy lost his life to a pipe
Thats gone break her whole heart
Have her all on the news like my bae was so smart, he should have took another route
Then she tried to testify, so we took the mother out
Bitch we grimy on the 9, we get reckless on the 8
We the reason why they got all them detectives on the 8
But we ain’t snitching, so we safe
No face, no case, The rats get the whole thang
Cops snatch me up, I don’t know shit but my whole name
Sweep off the 8, blow one and back to the dope game
Flip a ounce and cop a drop top whiter than cocaine
With my doe up, the strip gone blow up like propane
If we deep in the streets, we taking up both lanes
John walking with the thang
He shooting like D Gaines
Don’t get it brought to your front door
Jamal on Muskegan posted up like Mutombo
Thrax packs for the low, them 7’s go for the honcho
If he short, he in debt

He don’t pay and leave em wet
Overtime in the trap, im tryin make this nina stretch
If you front us for a dime, put some ether in his neck
Maintenace man hate the block, cause we always leave a mess
And they call us hotboyz, but we always leave em wet
And the ops don’t come outside cause they always need a vest
I’m on the Ave. all night, so i always needa rest
I got a couple of keys to stretch
So my trap on D’s and F’s
My niggas on they P’s and Q’s out here wilding squeezing Tecs
And my bitches fiend for sex cause i leave em steaming wet

[Lets get it man Fazo Land
Roc Bloc Vito City, be real
Nothing, Welcome to Fazo Land the mixtape, L’s]

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