G Herbo – Fight Or Flight (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

[Verse 1]
My momma used to say, "Never quit, baby that just don’t exist!"
And just cause she’ll suck ya dick, don’t mean you could trust the bitch!
I’m just giving you the real
Cause I don’t come from Hollywood or Beverly Hills
I’m from where mothers don’t care and babies get killed
Where you gotta rob and go steal for stomachs to fill
And it’s hard for a young, black nigga like myself
Where the police compare oneself with everybody else
So that means if you yourself they think you’re everybody else
So I don’t care ’bout no one else
Just my family and myself
Yeah, that’s just my way of thinkin’
In my city and it helps cause no one gives a fuck
About me, you, or nobody else
And it’s cool
I’m still livin’ over East
We still chillin’, sippin’ lean
Smokin’ swishas, stackin’ hunnits to the ceilin’
We still winnin’
We just fightin’ to survive
It’s a shame I gotta ride with this nina on my side
They used to say…

Never quit, never give in
Hey, don’t you quit
Never give in (2x)

[Verse 2]
Lil Herb, I’m the actual
Hottest young nigga comin’ out the murder capital
Spit lyrics that when real niggas hear it they just capture you
But don’t let it capture you
They like, "Fuck who went before you, who the hottest after you?"
That actual answer is unanswerable
Haters try to answer, but who the fuck was askin’ you?
And it’s true, I’m the truth
I just grind, no excuse
And broke niggas I won’t stoop to a level low as you
I gotta get it, I ain’t down with it
All the shit I did, I can’t slip
So I’m dying with it
Any nigga try and get it!
They try to be with it
See me? I gotta be with it!
Won’t ever leave my squad, but I can’t put my family in it
My family in it, can’t confuse family with business
NO LIMIT MB, we’ll fuck ya family nigga
It’s family dinner, break bread everyday
Pray my circle never break
And I can hear my momma say, "Look…"

Never quit, never give in
Hey, don’t you quit
Never give in (2x)

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