G Herbo – Koolin’ (Welcome To Fazoland Album)

I’m just koolin til my tape drop
Welcome to Fazoland the mixtape
Let’s get it

[Verse 1]
10 birds in the Louie bag
Wrapped up in the glad top
Hop straight in the Audi, 9 tucked in the stash box
Got thousands everywhere
There’s money piling everywhere
Why the cops hot on our block?
Man, there’s violence everywhere
Boy don’t try us, why you think you hear them sirens in the air?
Hollows flying, mommas cryin
There’s homies sighin’ over there
We start rollin thru them blocks
Whips stolen, shooting Glocks
Man down, blew his top, then walk around like "who was shot?"
And we not talkin to the cops, so we don’t know what’s true or not
And bitch I cop so many fits to rock, don’t know whats new or not
It’s Lil Herbie I got lots of swag
True religion all that
Went to town workin lots of jabs
True religion skull cap
Talkin shit then get ya skull cracked
Beat that nigga wit a ball bat
Pussy niggas I ain’t dealin wit em’
Let the 50 hit em’ to resolve that
Why the whips so hot
I spend 10 grand tomorrow
I promise ima make it all back
Ima ball so hard, don’t got no competition
City know that ima dog now
And my money long, just imagine all the niggas tryna call my phone now
When I was on the block, you ain’t really think that I could do it on my own NAH
Now im on the road, smokin doin shows, you think you could come along? NAH
But nah you ain’t real
Nigga you ain’t really real
And if you was in a jam and you had to give up info, you’ll tell
Don’t walk up on me, what’s the deal?
Mally paranoid let the semi spill


Im koolin(2x)
In this hellhole
Im koolin(2x)
In this hellhole

[Verse 2]
You niggas foolish, im just coolin and yall still losin
I see you tryna steal my shit, but yall can still use it
And I ain’t trippin bout that bitch, man she’s still useless
Nah, I ain’t tryna save that ho, but you can still do it
Im bout my paper, im just chasin
Remy keep the chaser
He said im broke, yeah he’s a hater, he must be mistaken
Pull up in all types of whips
They all excite ya bitch
On Instagram yall like to kick
She always bite the dick
Got no time for relationships
Catch me on flights n’ shit
Or im in the 9 in the nicest whips
Runnin thru lights n’ shit
Told myself if this shit take off then I just might get rich
Can’t forget bout that hellhole, I spent my life in it

Im koolin(2x)
In this hellhole
Im koolin(2x)
In this hellhole

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