Cindy Bullens – Holding Me Crazy

Put me in prison
Out of the clutches of your love
I’m afraid of what I’m feeling
And I cringe at what I’m thinking of

Like a virgin schoolgirl
I’m just waiting for my chance to break away
My heart is ticking like a time-bomb
And it’s bound to go off any day

Holding me crazy
Oh, holding me crazy
And I just can’t break it
This chain on my love

(Holding me…Holding me down)

Painful conditions
Taking me back to my bed
I pull all the covers way up over my eyes
With the pillow securing my head

I lay there thinking
That I know you’re gonna make me insane
Well, I have got my reasons
But still you just keep getting your way

Holding me crazy
Oh, holding me crazy
And I just can’t make it
Got a chain on my love

A voice inside me I heard it say
You got to get on your feet today
Here’s your chance to break away
You better go now
So I tiptoed across the floor
I put my ear up against the door
I couldn’t hear him anymore and so I’m gone now

Oh, I know now

Holding me crazy…
Oh, no, he won’t let you break away
Oh, no, he won’t let you go
Never gonna chain my love

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