Eminem – Male Prostitute Lyrics

[Vocal Intro: Eminem]
Yo, Manix man, I think I just spotted my prey
There she is; check her out
Yea I know she’s with her man and everything but…
I can still get her man, ’cause you know me
Just drop a couple of smooth rhymes on her
And I got her you know what I’m saying?
Aight, I’ll tell you what I’mma do about her man!
Aight, Check this out…

Hey baby, let me have a word with your man
(comic-like slap sound) – now lemme show ya exactly where I stand
I’d like you to enter my fortress
Just cause you are just the most gorgeous
Woman I’ve ever seen and for just
The next few hours of ya life I’d like to
Bring out the real woman inside you despite you
Might be in love and all that with your, man
But lemme get chat with you
Why don’t we get to know each other, haven’t you
Ever wondered what it was like to date an M.C.?
Now what’s a woman like you, without a man like me?
And someone like yourself I can grow very fond of
Beyond a doubt and I would always hold onto your
Love, and be faithful I promise
Cause I’m as
Loyal as a puppy, and I’d treat you like a goddess
That we would’ve stumble onto each other but first, wait
Before you’re lured, I want to know if you’re insured
And if you’re sure, you’re gonna be able to endure
A tremendous amount of pain that seems endless
Strenuous brawn and brain, but yet when this
Whole thing is over and I make it through the ride
Then I’d gladly stand by your side

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