Kevin Gates – Free to Love Lyrics

They all say this path I chose
Is a rocky road
I ain’t never back down from shit
Let’s rock and roll

There’s a fire deep inside of me that grows
I did some things that you could read about

Say I’m Free to Love – take a look inside
And you could see that love’s a raging fire
You say I’m free to love somebody else
I try to leave since I’m not free to love
I try to leave since I’m not free to love
This lock and key makes me not free to love

You say I’m free to love somebody else
Take a look inside and see that love’s a raging fire

Complications – no Carson Daily
Look who out here racing
From polices – frequent
High speed chases
Look who’s in the matrix – they say racist
And I say maybe – all my whites Caucasian

We fell in love – and carved a callin
Enchanted by the lingo
For ninety days we laughed and talked
About attitudes we ran across
We had so much in common
Now you say I’m disrespectful

I say stressful

If I’m not perfect why do things indecently
My heart still in the streets
I could leave and won’t be no need to speak at all


Suspenseful – if anything’s different
Then we should fix it
Take for instance crimes of passion committed
Left your heart injured – with resentment

Everything I did offensive love – I’m sorry for
Pray that your able to move forward
Though you all alone

And most of all I pray you free
And pray he give you strength
In all the areas you weak
To me you still a queen
May no one disagree
I said this once before
But when we locked up in the sheets

(it’s going down)
Kiss below your navel
Watch you make all sorts of faces
It’s the last train at the station
Catch a ride – without me’s homicide

Nothing’s on the top of me
? and velocity I’m fly
What makes you feel alive

[Chorus x2]

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