Shia LaBeouf – Hattrick Freestyle Lyrics

Me again
It’s heat again
Thats three of them
You’d think I was trying to achieve something
What’s the reasoning?
What’s been eating him?
Why’s he got this gusto?
I just finished playing tennis like I’m John McEnroe

Compare me to Brando, Eminem
Pen to pen
I’m better then him and him
20 men, 2 teams of QM’s, with new gems
Who all know him, could speak fluid
I just do this
The truth is, I’m Kubrick
You lose this
Your roof is in jeopardy
Ebro, needs no accessory
Please know you equal a cent to me
Your raps Phil Spector g
Alive for a century
Maintaining impressively

Give him a hand, not applause
His draws is hitting the sand
Can’t get it
Cause attempting Risks shit in his pants
Ignorant, insignificant man
The difference is damn!!!!!
Thats me and your like, “Uh-huh”
You better hide like Trump with Russia
You from the side where guys be stuck up
I’m from the side where guys get…

Emailing Ben to get at me
While I’m in Tallahassee
Pull my phone start writing in taxis
Paying the flat fee
Making it nasty
Great like I’m Gatspy
At you like you owe me
Re-cooper like Bradley
So you agree?
Are you beaten or what?
You got the demeanor.. of a vacuum-cleaner
You suck
Your archeology
I’m the shit—I’m colostomy
Eat you for the novelty
Harbor no animosity
This is all for fun and for free
Just killed rap’s bougoisie
You not hip-hop, you’re
Youre MM-Bop
Just an obscure fruit my dude your kumquat
I’m cultured
I’m umlaut
Above t-dot
That’s three dots like texts when your thinking bout the response
That’s my profession, holmes
I’m an accessible spectacle
I’ll be in Atlanta when my schedule’s flexible

Dealing with dummies both of you should take some classes The masses ask for this hat trick
Eating red vines and the guy who writes on sunglasses
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
This my last line cause you cats ain’t rapping much

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