Teflon – Teacha Shadow Lyrics

A wa the rassclaat this a gwaan in yah
Man wi dark up this place like light gone in yah
Man a born winner wi nuh need no formula
No nuh formula

Hey the pu**y deh cyaa fool the streets again
Si dem a live off a Teacher strength
Seh dem a go run the place man see it happen
Plus the billboard naw feature dem

Man a go tek weh the game, dweet again
Don’t surprise when you see it happen
A which key dem want? Naw see it again
Dem fi go back in a the creature yeng

(Verse 1)
Man kick off dem face dem seh it nuh call fah
Man a run the place like car weh charter
So much songs fi the year dem seh it nuh call fah
A nuh unuh a feed mi daughter
This yah fire weh blazing water
Dem go tek extra lessons since dem short a
Thief like Young Thug a weh thief the Carter
You cyaa defeat the son, how you fi beat the father?
You look like a fish only a gill you short a
Look in a the bomboclaat revolver
Wa you badmind unruly van fah
Mi roof mi Jaguar

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
From dem go training wheel
That mean seh man ride him
Black contact lens go blind him
Run over dem wid the benz
Wid the fine rims
Man flying while dem hiding
Ratchet go cut out dem neck well pointed
Round corner the shot go find him
You cyaa come a yard likkle sky kid
Flop a Sun Fest, now you a hide Sting
Brooklyn badman dem well waan hollow point him
Seh that dem fighting like Tyson dem bite him
Bad dem nuh bad a dem song writer write him
A forward dem a side wing

(Repeat Chorus)

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