Audio Push – Letter2U

[Verse 1: Oktane]
How do the good girls go bad ?
Do we blame the ex-nigga or the dad ?
Or do we blame the next nigga? Like an ass
Saying everythin you like for a night
Then he hit it, out of sight
Or do we blame the girl that don’t know how to listen?
The one that got hurt, lied, and says she forgives him
Then he work his ass off to see that she don’t trust him
And he becomes an ex because he sees that she don’t love him
Ain’t no love without trust and we know that, that’s fact
Nobody wants a hundred texts asking "Where you at?"
You working and you cooking up cause that’s gon’ get us rich
Hits a switch and turn a good women to a bitter bitch
There were nights I wanted to die and nobody called
I forgot that love hurts every time you fall
One day if you even think about this shit at all
Fuck a fourth bar it don’t even matter
You shattered my soul, I admit it it’s cold
Even though we get older, feeling never gets old
I guess that’s just a letter to you I wrote it in bold
You’ll probably never hear this shit but I gotta let go
I hope you know I love you
No matter how far I am, I’m always thinkin’ of you
Shit, how we get this far apart? I guess I’ll never know
‘Cause you got too much pride to let emotion ever show
One day you’ll let it go
‘Til then I don’t wanna be the one that watch you self-destruct
And I’d be lying if I say that I don’t give a fuck
So I just pray for you, yup, even when it hurts
Still at 5:30 am before you go to work
That kinda love stupid, that kinda love
Now-take-care-of-you-after-rap kinda love
"My-girl-calling-bro-I’ll-hit-you-back" kinda love
Not the bullshit the guys you’re thinking ’bout remind you of
Remember that
I hope you’ll always remember that
You took this shit for granted you can’t get it back
I’ma pull up in that black and you can’t get it back
Yeah, like that

[Verse 2 : Price]
Thinking ’bout waking up to scrambled eggs and turkey bacon grease
Kirk Franklin on full-blast, my granny making me
Clear the table, take the trash out, them was her basic needs
And basically, I was glad to fufill ’em
I guess it’s just a letter to you, I’m missing your soul
Missing you wanting a sip of brew so I got sent to the store
Family trips and barbecue chicken or we go fishing
But if the cash was up we on them late casino missions
I’m on the craps, you was on the slots
I got hit for my cash, you give me another knot, real nigga
Your heart had nothing but love in it
I miss your birthday cards with them two doves in it
Miss you telling me not to let my anger take me over
Or to never quit rapping cause one day I’ll take it over
Want you to know I finally got John on payroll
And Lee Lee had to move again but she okay though
And me and wifey straight, she whipping up alfredo
It his us all pretty hard but we taking the day slow
We gon’t be straight though
Just writing this letter got all of my thoughts clouded
But these beats and this mic is my only outlet
School closed from the Cabazon Outlets, so nostalgic
You said I’m a king and don’t doubt it
I’ma make you the proudest

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