Audio Push – One Time (My Turn 3 Album)

[Verse 1: Price]
One heart, one love, one mind
I ain’t the type of jam you play one time
I been cold with my rhyme since Wyclef used to say "One Time"
Get up, I ain’t talkin’ sit-ups when I tell you niggas that it’s crunch time
Middle finger up one time, that’s my Fuck Donald Trump sign
Melanated by the sunshine
March along on the frontline
If it’s verses, bars or the punchlines
I got more bodies than lunch lines
You can miss me with them war rhymes
This is like Rap Before Time
You Little Foot niggas wanna walk in my shoes
But the Vans ain’t your size
Lil nigga ’cause they’re my size
Hundred dollars to a bum on the corner
Yeah, that’s how I pay my tithes
The church house can’t get my dime
Wanna gold dig, why try?
You gon’ barely get the WiFi
High as fuck, still rollin’ up, yeah that’s what they call a high rise
Audio Push you know we see
My Turn 3, you know it’s here
I need the green guacamole dip
I want weed, water, and Chipotle chips
West side, yeah I’m on the trip
Touch down, yelling "hold my dick"
Couple stores and a restaurant
Black ownership, yeah I’m on my shit
909-951 ’till they pull the plug
Too cool for clubs, cool for school
It’s true as much true enough
You talk too much, don’t do enough
Ever since I moved to [love?], the Jeffersons been movin’ up
Paper preferences, I’m coolin’ blunts
You can’t be hesitant if you move with us
I just blew it up, it’s my turn

[Verse 2: Oktane]
One two three, three two one
She told me she is not the type of game you play
And I’m the kinda chance you only take one time
Try to tell her I can help you if you stay
Gave the chance of her life, you couldn’t make one fine
Now step back while I do this, hear you and my music
I know you probably feel stupid ’cause these other niggas is clueless
This 2017 ruthless, need a 2017 roofless
With a lady in it that spit out her gum
And give me some like she toothless
I’m a simple man out to get these bands, nigga
Simple plan, give my life, give the game some light
Never give a damn, My Turn 3
Hair long, I’m what they would like to be
One man on this microphone and no one writes for me
It’s a sight to see, couldn’t be a boxer and say fight for me
So I never understood why fans let it slide, it’s weak
7 days, making plays, eleven ways
7/11 and never strayed, hot dice, you ain’t never paid
Look, see the same people I prayed with, I stayed with
Got paid with, which China outfit they should make quit
‘Cause I couldn’t stay up on the same shit
Can’t see the big picture if you’re always in the middle of it
This was just a little of it, flavor I mean
Nothin’ around you can save you, I mean

[Outro: Oktane]
My Turn 3 boy
What is it you can’t see boy
This a grown man look at me boy
You run up on us and get De-stroyed, straight
My Turn 3, I’m gone

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