Jessi‚ Microdot‚ Dumbfoundead & Lyricks – K.B.B (가위바위보)

[Intro: Jessi]
누가 먼저 가위바위보, 누가 먼저 가위바위보
누가 먼저 가위바위보, 누가 먼저 가위바위보

[Verse 1: Dumbfoundead]

Microdot, half the YOX
And one bad man, I’m a 나쁜 남자
I should go first, 내가 먼저 해야지
덤파형은 바쁘니깐
I wear my beanies like Gil from Leessang
피쳐 할 때는 진짜 비싸
But these my bros from west to east side
If you ain’t my bro then fuck the peace sign
Like 가위바위보
Your bitch got my wifi code
Im rich bitch my life dope, yeah
Lit like a night light, 잘자
Nothin’ like a nightlife, quite like Seoul
All of my bitches they stay out in Sinsa
I switch up the girls 들을 이차
Drop ’em all off in a 빈 차애
90 degrees when they 인사
Kick it with nothing but real heads
Cause I ain’t got time for no bullshit
Bottom of shoes lookin’ real red
Like 아저씨 drinkin’ at 술집
I got a visa from here to Ibiza
We puttin’ in work, work, work
Rock paper scissors, I guess I’m the winner
So let me go first, 가위바위보

[Hook: Jessi]
누가 먼저 가위바위보, 누가 먼저 가위바위보 [x4]

[Verse 2: Lyricks]
I took a red eye
And landed, showered
Then met up with Micro, Dummy, got 배달
And jumped in the rover, then sped up to Cheonho
Jessi came through the studio
And turned it into mother fuckin’ 1OAK
Yall know, my Wells Fargo lookin’
Like a 한국 전화번호 (digits)
Bad rap, we the illest independent homie, that’s that
Master of ceremony, bring the cash back
Pound a 40 like a hashtag
Step to us get ur ascap’d
Big numbers when I do that show
I-95 how I move that dope
I got drive, NY to Seoul
It’s the YOX for the few that know
Yeah, Rollin’ with the YOX
We the best it gets lonely on the top
No stress cuz’ I’m homies with the dot
No rest, 넌 벌써 졸리냐
Weak boy
Lemme set it straight, lemme educate
Lemme give a taste, let me embed it inside of your mind
So every time you hear me sayin’ that I’m one of the greats
I’m not sayin’ it to finish a rhyme motherfucker

[Hook: Jessi]
누가 먼저 가위바위보, 누가 먼저 가위바위보 [x4]

[Verse 3: Microdot]
누가 먼저 가위바위보
From buses to drivin’ that Rove
Mom now drippin’ and cookin’ in gold
Makin’ that music and bakin’ that soul
Cake, cake, cake, so much cake
We could run a baking sale
That’s that Auckland city lifestyle
That’s game boy, that major league
Self-made, no lottery
40,000 feet up in the air (up in the air)
No economy
Going coast to coast, to shows to shows
Don’t mean to brag and boast my nose
My success came with no strings
Attached, I’m my own boss
Talkin’ bout bars, no snickers
And no not the one under my zippers
I cut and paste, and rearrange man
I go dumb dumb with my lyrics
Bitches be bitchin and jealousy be hittin’
Them kittens like the Kardashians
내가 뭘 하고 어딜 가던
얼마 벌고 어디애다 쓰건
Don’t worry bout me, I’m makin’ a livin’
Nothin’ came free, nada was given
Young fat boy straight outta New Zealand
Feelin’ good vibes, Dumb, Rick and Million
About to play a game, rock paper scissors
Three dope boys, yes we the trillest
No new friends, this is family business
Oh, and my sister, Jessi

[Hook: Jessi]
누가 먼저 가위바위보, 누가 먼저 가위바위보 [x4]

[Outro: Jessi]
가위바위보, 가위바위보, 가위바위, I said
가위바위보, 가위바위보, 가위바위
가위바위보, 가위바위보, 가위바위, I said

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