Oddisee – Like Really (The Iceberg Album)

[Verse One]
Why you want to catch my eye, when you already know that I’m taken (nah like really)
How you past due on payments, and I’m seeing you on vacation (nah like really)
How you gonna make us great, when we were never really that amazing (nah like really)
Take it back to what, I don’t find hanging black lives entertaining (nah like really)
How do you police the streets of a neighborhood you do not engage in (nah like really)
Why a brother get three for a sack while your brother go free for a raping (nah like really)
How you make a film about Egypt with all leading roles caucasian (nah like really)
How you saying all lives matter when the stats say we are not adjacent (nah like really)
Tell me if I got it all wrong, like I signed on the line but I didn’t read the form
And the fine print is all about the times we mourn, and the color of my skin means I gotta be strong
And your hand me down faith said if I was reborn, when I take my last breath that you’ll let me breathe on
And as of right now we could never be pals, so how are we supposed to get along (nah like really)
This now more than ever though, all about force and measure though (nah like really)
Why am I forced to let it go, and clean your messes though (nah like really)
You take jobs to Mexico, pay us less and lesser though (nah like really)
Promised to bring them back, and that problem gets the vote (nah like really)

Really (repeated)

[Verse Two]
I be on the grind all day, I don’t pay mind to the date (nah like really)
Missed call vibrate, I find most times it could wait (nah like really)
I don’t talk blue in the face, just to make movement in place (nah like really)
Out of breath watching other man steps and you wonder why you’re losing the race (nah like really)
I was sleeping on floors, making bread instead of bed on tour man (nah like really)
If you ain’t never cry about a loss, don’t speak about the situation you’re in (nah like really)
I ain’t got a big deal but I’m still a big deal and I feel important (nah like really)
Yeah you got a big deal running on a big wheel I ain’t with extorting (nah like)
Yeah I’m independent and I’m making hella noise, and I’ll never let a woman make a Helen out of Troy
Got no suckers in the circle that pretend to be boys, I don’t lend them an extension I just send them decoys
Chilling in the cut is when I’m really feeling voids, ’cause the movements getting muted and it really needs a voice
We’re just picking between the evils of the lethals and the liars
People tired and they really need a voice (nah like really)
This now more than ever though, all about force and measure though (nah like really)
This that calm collected flow, done right, wrong correctional (nah like really)
Enough about peace and blessings bro I want that deeper message though (nah like really)
If you on top that surface, drop that lesson though, preach (nah like really)

Really (repeated)

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