Bramma & King Vegas – Jazmine Lyrics

Hello mama, how are you doing?
Hey yow, Jasmine I wanna be your Aladdin
Am the magic carpet, how are you doing?

Hello, Jasmine waan be your Aladdin

(Verse 1)
Bumper big suh
Batty rider
She’s a whiner, clothes a designer
Shape like Amber Rose, Black China
You vagina nuh big like Sabina
Mi seh you like Kardashian out
Wa dem chatting about?

Mrs Hollywood
Life of the rice and the famous
Store mi number, put mi name first

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
?? Straight to the point
Am trying to roll with you
Ain’t talking bout rolling joints
Trying to get you to understand
I wanna be your man
You got me wishing for your body like am rubbing lamps
Hey yow Bramma, I swear she’s the baddest
The way her body moving got me thinking it was magic
Body is able, Amazing, her face is fantastic
As soon as I see her eyes just know I have to have it

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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