Don Trip – Puzzle Pieces

Season greetings heard its snowing in hell
It’s some friends rooting for me really hoping I fail
Ah, well here I go again
Take a picture, show a friend
Even when I fall I’m right back up just like a bowling pin
Words can’t harm me I got alligator skin
You lil’ monkeys vs an alligator, alligator wins
Food for thought, have a bite, I been fighting all my life
I just go for what I want without ever thinking twice
Second guessing so unhealthy, if you off a millisecond
It’s a race against time and you dead if you in second
No, I ain’t make the rules and the rules I don’t abide by
Partners changing colors on a nigga like its tie dye
Focus on the mission staring on the prize wide-eye
Up close and personal I don’t believe in drive-by
Money make these bitches leg spread like a Wi-Fi
Come here messy bih let me stroke it like it 994
Tiger in this bih
I got money old enough to have off writers in this bih
All this balling maybe I deserve a title in this bih
Kill the game have them coming holding lighters in this bih
Who are you? Please don’t answer that, I don’t really care
I’m just making conversation I felt tension in the air
Now I’m planning in the era where honesty is rare
But, leave it up to I, I’m gon’ bring it back in style
Food for thought, have a bite, thought I heard your stomach growl
I’ve been fighting all my life ain’t no throwing in the towel
Oh it’s me against the world bet I’m never backing down
Anytime, any place I be waiting in the lounge
From the school of hardknock but instead of cap and gown
We get bulletproof vests and a couple hundred round
No diplomas or certificates just bags of dirty dividends
Now we tryna clean it up buy a couple businesses
Promised momma this was it, promised I would get legit
Now I got a son and my baby momma with the shit
Back to the scale I go
Tried the honest living but the check was pretty low
Broken record here we go, back through life’s revolving door
Most my niggas got no talent if it ain’t involving dope
Goddamn, guess we trapped in the trap
Out here dying for a living
Now how backwards is that?

Out here dying for a living
Now how backwards is that?

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