Lil B – Back To Back Target Lyrics

Yeah, yeah man
You know a lot of niggas don’t keep it real
You feel me
Everything, all that shit matters
You feel me
But you know so many niggas turn on me everyday
I’m like fuck everybody, you feel me, fuck it

One time for me, cool by the sunshine
Money got punchlines, only take one times
Take small sips, that’s why I hum sunshine
Niggas think I’m lying, bitches think I’m fine
I’m smart man so I keep trying
Don’t get fucked by the past thoughts, pass off, blast off
Yeah, fuck it
And don’t crack like the asphalt
You running with the 45 handgun the same size as police is
Niggas think he sweet but his geeks is geek
Niggas carry them handguns
Like [?] you be deceased
And I’m talking bout a coffin
Brains is out, nigga you loving where you walking
Uh, side with the Mac-11
Please no questions, I do dirt with no drugs
Numb the pain, it’s like a game changer
Feel ashamed of my past, used to rob strangers
Now I feel like I’m a rapping target
I’m a rapping target
Back to back target
With the vest and mask hauling DVD’s like a Black Target
Cocaine sell it off I can’t, I can’t, no
Cocaine sell it all same price as a trip in August
Don’t ask why I [?]
Bitch I bought it
Please the cops and [?]
Just get what you ordered
Cross me and get slaughtered
But I don’t wanna act hard as bricks
But I’m a real young nigga and I ain’t talking shit
Lil Boss

I don’t give a fuck this a mixtape
That shit, the beat’s fucked up and fuck you too bitch

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