Lil Skies – 87-98 Lyrics

It goes 1998, 1998
Lil Skies another verse to kill
Mac Miller, let’s go
It goes 1998, 1998

[Verse 1: Lil Skies]
See I be steady rhyming, my timing is always over shining
Mix the rhymes up with some coke and lace the verse, I call it science
Niggas be lying in this jungle just to be the king
Diamonds and pearls, my (bitches) they rocking the finest things
Define my name, Lil Skies about to change the game
Gold chains and a smart brain, I swear we not the same
Broken promises and shattered glass in my past
She drinks Ciroc out the bottle, she don’t wanna pass
Forever showing my effort, you dudes irrelevant
No weed in my lungs, my thoughts straight intelligent
I hopped over an elephant like I’m heaven sent
Remember when I was broke and didn’t have a cent
But now Lil Skies on that old school shit
My fans heard the song and they like “This that hit”
Keep the beats coming, I can write real quick
Hold up let me try and change my flow a little bit

[Verse 2: Lil Skies]
My team is rebels, we throwing the finger to the devil
Pedal to the metal
We toss these niggas just like some peddles
Eat ’em like he’s Jell-O and treat this nigga just like a [?]
We don’t got no time for you fakes so we hit ’em with the kettle
We making money and smashing all of you dummies
My squad’s full of gorillas, your squad is full of bunnies
We came up from being bummy
They laughing but what is funny
We eat ’em just like some gummies
While the day is bright and sunny, look
The dope spitter with Phil, see I’m a mic killer
I’m high on life and I promise I don’t need skrilla
I smash Insta, Facebook, they all shook
Rappers stealing my style, they act like straight crooks
My shawty got a nice body, she say I’m cocky
I meet her all in the lobby, we stunting like it’s a hobby
I walked in, walked out, she calling me “Papi”
By the way I beat it up some kind of like a Rocky

I’m sicker than your average, average
Who’s really the shit?
1998, 1998
And it goes like
Sicker than your average, average
Who’s really the shit?
1987, 1987

[Verse 3: Dirrty Phil]
Seizing the moment
These pussies rapping I don’t condone it
Just step up and own it
Hit the track fast like a locomotive
And my tactic splash back cause my style is so explosive
If you need the white boy with the heat, then I’m the one to go with
The dope spitter with Lil Skies, it’s Dirrty Phil
We been making hits like the Thriller way I’m vanilla ‘nilla
No second guessing, I’m spitting just like a llama stressing
Hotter than some lava shooting from the [?] Armageddon

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