Vic Mensa – Neon Guts (Remix) Lyrics

I had to pull out the cover to America chain if I’m gonna ride a Skateboard beat, ya dig?
Shout out to my nigga Terry Kennedy, this some ice cream, BGK, dirty ghetto kid shit, baker three shit
Shaker shit, haha

[Verse 1]
Neon J’s, neon chain
African beads, Prince Ahkane
Grapefrog ring by Wes Lang
In New Zealand, I’m jet skiin’
Rockin’ ice berg like a Looney Tune
My neck yellow rolled, call it Juicy Fruit
Watch and I be different shades of blue
No Versace, I don’t wear Medusa faces
Milo faces on my shoes
This Bape is from 2002
Human Made on the crew
Cherry red Canada Goose
And when I shoot, you play duck, duck, goose
Gucci cuff links on a Burberry suit
I need the cover, I’m so GQ
You try to fuck her, she say “me too”
I feel like Usher, I’m burnin’ the rubber
My weed different colors, I’m smokin’ on Gushers
My wood is a Russian, it’s color a butter
I’m not CIA, but I wear Undercover
Yeah, Faith Connexion, iridescent, yes
Pharrell Chanel, circle lenses, uh
You ask how much did I spend and, shit
I don’t even know, but it’s expensive, uh
Saint Laurent boots
G-class Benzes, clickin’ my heels like Toto in Kansas
I’m at Eleven with neon dancers, neon jacket, neon vantage
We in Atlanta like Deion Sanders
At Blue Flame throwin’ green Ben Franklins
Come to Garcon off of eBay, uh
You wearin’ Dragon Ball Z Bape
I don’t wear Bape after Nigo
I feel like Drake in my peacoat
I’m in a Rick Owens sheepcoat
Neon guts when she deepthroat
We on London at Heathrow
Apple Ciroc, not Tito’s
Spendin’ them Jacksons, like Tito
I’m on hot, like Ebro
Left my ex, Magneto
That’s faneto, Despacito
Lemme get a little bit, un poquito
Pourin’ up Ace, but it taste like [?]
Shorty get wetter than Puerto Rico, ayy
I got love for my Boricuas
I deliver like I’m pea pod
American Express, it’s a green card
That’s a oxymoron, I’m a retard
Crib got a doorman and a key card
On my retro shit I need a [?]
Pornstar from Brazil like Neymar
She suckin’ my soul like De La
Neon dunks, SVs these de la’s
Call me Dorrough with the ice cream paint job
I’m with Towkio, but she tryna Bangkok
No Pinocchio, I don’t do the nose jobs
Pull up in the Elon Musk
Tesla truck, neon cup
Neon drank, neon dank
That’s a fuckin’ trinity like Leo’s nuts
Pause, you never been to Ibiza
Pinstripe Gucci, I feel like a zebra
Throw up the pyramids like I’m in Giza
In Palestine I show [?]
Met Farrakhan and he said I’m a leader
Put No I.D. on beats by Weezer
And I got a colorful aura like Rita
Pop RQ blow, color of Alamarita
Yes, andele, andele, E.I
I’m goin’ Nelly with the white [?] Reeboks
Keep a pump on me like Reeboks
Soulja Boy with the neon Glock
Throwin’ up Star Trak like Spock
Outter space like Star Fox
Stars on the ceilin’ on the Phantom hard-top

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