Tyga – Freestyle w/ The L.A. Leakers – Freestyle #051

Pay me on the first, niggas know I broke the curse
How it feel when the Rolls is reversed? Nigga got it out the dirt
Bad bitches ’round, I’ma flirt and I’m goin’ for my eighth like Cur
Do you concur? Catch me if you can lil purp
I go Kyrie Curry on the verse, ball like a Nerf
Meet me on the turf, I don’t mean for real, group of these niggas nerd
Full of that sizzurp, you will get serve
My niggas make you hide your face like H.E.R
And I like her, titties are first
Big green Phantom got ’em hooked, Lary Bird
Give ’em the bird, fuck what you heard, I’m the best rapper-er
Niggas call me tiger, that’s whiter than a ice berg
I’m nicer than your favorite rapper on perks
I might curve if she don’t got good slurp
Be nicer, put you on a RIP shirt
Yes-er, ridin’ in a two-seat seater
I love ho but I still gotta bang, eat her
Believe it or not, came back from the sunken, now I’m cream of the crop
I need cash on spot, I don’t want the deposit
I got DMs from every IG thot
But I’m locked in, studio 24-7
I just popped in, fuckin’ with the niggas, when I leave, its gon’ rekill
I’ma wait at your house, my girl’s top tier
If we talkin’ overall, I’m top ten
Flows, car, bitches, ice
King in Dubai like fuck the price
Lookin’ at yours, I’m like “fuck my life”
Lookin’ at yours, I’m like “you’re right”
I might go psych, go might (might, might might)
It’s redrum, I’m psych (psych, psych, psych)
Bitch, I’m always right
Everybody wanna be like Mike
Big bank take lil’ bank
Ayy, fuck around, I need another bank
Ayy, thirteen hundred stars in the Wraith
Woo, and I’m on that forty-two man
Yeah, big bank take lil’ bank
Uh, this my shit when I’m in the Wraith
And my Maybach up to date

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