Belly – Freestyle Lyrics

Paid off the presi I feel like a lobbyist, a Saudi Wahhabi-ist
They struggle to swallow my cockiness, I came back to bruise your esophagus
Head shots, I just body shit, she ain’t foreign, that’s a body kit
If shit is too good to be true then the outcome is obvious, it prolly is
I’m in California house shoppin’, I remember I was couch hoppin’
Still slippin’, still poppin’, whoa, fuck it I ain’t never stoppin’, no
Yeah they in love with my frequency, she a freak and I need the shit frequently
I got a main bitch, got a side bitch and I hate ’em both equally
Hakeem ‘The Dream’ Olajuwon, dapper don with the fashion, I’m Dapper Dan
I fly her to Vegas to spend the night, then she suck my dick at the Hakkasan
Wit’ her eyes closed, that’s a blind date, call it blind faith, ’til my eyes roll
Like a spiral and they dilate while she gyrate on my gyro
Fire flow, pyro, I snap back, Cairo, like when Mike said ‘thpinal’
I’m the rap black rhino but the batch albino, I know
It’s so profound, they lost and I won’t slow down
Oh yeah my flow so foul, I spell studio with no vowels, think
4:30 in the socal, woke up shakin’ on the cold towels, broke down
I got nowhere left to go now, I got nothin’ left to show now, slow down
But [?] with your whole sound, there must’ve been enough to go ’round
Man fuck it that’s my old style so it don’t count
Gold crowns, no smiles, kings and prophets from my hometown
Held me down so I don’t drown, I swear the irony is profound
Wish I knew then what I know now, blind trust
Kill for you ’til the nine rust, wake up just to earn ’til we burn and turn to fine dust
And the fuckin’ urn is what defines us, mind fuck, mine’s fucked
Your mind could never do what mine does, back when Belly couldn’t buy lunch
A pill was less than a meal, it kick harder when you mix the Hawaiian Punch
I guess this is what I signed up for, 3, 2, 1, time’s up

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