YNW Melly – Inmate Stories Lyrics

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Sit back down imma explain it to you
Imma explain it to you like
All this shit, what you wanna hear bout bruh?
Shit, let a nigga know
I ain’t been shit since I been out
Shits brazy in here man
Molly, Molly
Molly, Molly
Let me tell you something

Niggas in the gram, niggas in that bitch to turn to snitch
Niggas in that bitch suckin’ dick
Hold up wait a minute we ain’t really on that bullshit
Nigga I will hit you with the stick
I was in that bitch wildin’ with them motherfuckin’ jits
Who got the plugs on them sticks?
All bout that skrilla I was locked up wit them gorillas
And I ran into a couple killas
Ran into Lil Cory yeah that nigga really on the shit
And he’s throwing L’s in that bitch
I was locked up, nigga, year in that bitch
Damn near failed in that bitch
School wasn’t shit easy ass work in that shit
Easy ass work in that shit
Staff sucking dick, staff in that bitch fuck the clique
Staff trynna twerk in that shit
All these hoes shit many niggas in there ain’t shit
Man them pussy niggas they’re fake
These niggas hate these niggas smile in your face
Probably spray your ass with the rake
Hold up wait, wait. These niggas really don’t care
These niggas don’t give a damn
These niggas flaw, these niggas locked up damn
This how it is in the gram
Yeah, Mr. Mayor, I was locked up in cell
Hopin’ that my niggas doin’ well
Praying for Lil Shawn, praying for my nigga J Green
Trynna get the guap by any means
I was in that bih wildin’ with my mother fucking dawgs
We was skipping school in the halls
I was so tired of eating that nasty ass food
Taking showers in them dirty ass draws
I got the top, I was so stressed
I had to get it, I had to move
I was locked up with the mother fuckin’ goons
In a mother fucking 4 by 4 room
Bitch I weren’t stressin’, I was finessin’
I’m hittin’ licks, I was a legend
I was the best fucking rapper in the compound
Nigga had a gun that hold a 100 rounds
Fuck with the staff, bitch I had face
I was eatin’ good every kind of place
4 for 4 Wendy’s and good taste
4 for 4 Wendy’s locked up [?]
Hitting up McDonalds dollar menu
Fuck that nigga hell naw I got face
I always get the mothefuckin’ quarter pounder double cheeseburger
And that mother fucking milkshake
Wait, young nigga serving weight
Staffed in the gram they be fresh
Thugged out nigga, all them nigga servin’ straight drugs
They the plug and they getting all the weight
(Get it on the way)
I was trynna run up the check
I was in that bih getting checked
When I hit a lick with that young nigga Barnes in that bitch
We was thumbin’ through a whole fucking check
Skurt off in a vet (ya) I ain’t skurt off in a vet
Nigga I was sleeping on the slab
I was with them blood, I’m bleeding red in the lab
Peel a fuck nigga like a scab
I was in the tech lab downloading music
Yeah, I was downloading music
G shine, u shine, I shine, we shine
Blood gang shout out to my big homie boosie
Free that nigga zoo, free that nigga smith
Free that niggas other that’s locked up in that bitch
Free all of my niggas that was piped up in that bitch
Doing 3 years like life up in that bitch
Niggas in your view, gotta strikeout in that bitch
Fights poppin’ out I don’t know where
Miracle big booty bitch that work there ain’t had no hair
That shit there really weren’t fair
When you locked up it seemed like nobody care
Your momma only see you like 2 times a week
Wait, matter fact 1 you don’t run into no freak
Man that shit depressing, I ain’t get no pussy
I was in that bih eating school snack cookie
I was tired of them fucking school snack cookie
I was trynna, get some school snack pussy
I ain’t worried bout it man, you know I had it on me
Yeah you know my niggas yeah, I was in there lonely
I was in the cell, I was chillin’ on my lonely
I ain’t have cell mates, I wasn’t eatin’ on bolony
Bolony went to ham then I switched this shit to turkey
If a nigga try you when he get out they gone hurt you
Catch you in the class broad day they gonʼ hurt you
Niggas in that bih getting split with da tray
Niggas in that bih switching up, turnin’ gay
Niggas in that bih smilin’ in your face
Racist ass crackers they don’t like are black race
I was in that bih getting knowledge from the old head
Young nigga, bad bitch wait?
Aye, hold up wait, whoady
Yellow bitch walking like she bow leg
Wait, let me get back on top
Ran into some niggas got the plug on the chop
Hold up wait, gotcha
Burger King I ain’t eat no fucking whopper

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