Mac Miller – The Bargain Lyrics

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Said I

[Verse 1]
Made a promise with my deranged conscious
In return he told me the voice in my head would quiet down
All I gotta do is never speak of his existence or eternal soul
Other wise it’s terminal
And I hate to worry those
With my dirty nose and my perverted ways
It hurts me that I hurt you
Never meant to cause a person pain
Deteriorate a skeleton regurgitate my vertebrae
Lord I beg your mercy
Can you take me on a perfect day
I always wondered what determines fate
And who’s tending to the garden by the pearly gates
They don’t want you to be anything but what they tell you
Sell you on a line
Watch the murder rate
Lord merciful
He ride around heaven in a 69 convertible
No shirt beneath the purple coat
Known to get surgical at the turkey bowl
He throw a baseball like a motherfuckin girl though

What is this underworld you speak of
And why is everybody tryna teach us
Why is it considered so rude to walk around in the nude
And why do we hurt the ones we love
I always wondered if jesus had an ego
Insecurities when he got emo
Why do I insist on going over your head
Why don’t I just make hits
Gotta be so weird

[Verse 2]
Yeah yeah
I’ve been awake for so long
I feel myself disintegratin’
But I’ll never stop the innovation
I’m addicted to creation
That’s the worlds greatest miracle
My vehicle, no one told me how to steer it though
I’m toyin’ with my hallucinations
Hope it don’t spoil and turn into inferno
I’m lost in the wormhole searching for the hearse souls
Watchin’ as the germs grow
Take over the Earth slow
I’m unaware in a comfy chair sippin’ Merlot
Waitin’ till I hear my number callin’ it’s my time to go
Insomnia, oh how I always get along witcha
They don’t want us to be friends but I’m so fond of ya
And I can stay in Narnia forever
The human brain couldn’t measure how the pleasure feel
I disagree with what they said was real
And, if this a war I need a better shield

This ain’t nothing but another idea to be forgotten at the bottom of a drawer in my apartment, lost
I tried to bargain with the man up stairs
I just hope I got a fan out there

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