Wiz Khalifa – Taste Freestyle Lyrics

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Fuck them corny niggas, best believe we get it poppin’
I just gotta talk, I’m clumsy so I’ll probably drop it
Go figure, gettin’ money so they try to stop it
I pull out a knot that’s thicker than your father’s wallet
Always had to work, all my nigga from the projects
Ballin’, no alert, nope, we don’t do no gossip
Too much for my shit, bro, I don’t do no moshpits
She with me, she gettin’ flipped like a fuckin’ socket
Doobie in my shirt, ‘nother OZ in my pants
Ice on my hands, melt it, help you water plants
Yours never dance, eyes like I’m from Japan
In my Benz, gettin’ fried like I come from France
Money too wide for a rubber band
Runnin’ in, tryna cure the hate that they sufferin’
From underneath the sun, tryn’ catch a tan
Tour all summer, now I’m home hittin’ [?] again
Gettin’ fresh, hundred mil, nuttin’ less
Give me brain, pass the test
Smell the strain, they impressed
Ma, rest, told me “Change my address”
Always aim for the neck, if you miss, hit the chest
I’m well known for showin’ them shit they didn’t know
But if you Snapchatting or Instagramming, you gotta go
There ain’t no one else like me that’s in the game
Lightening in my chain, I’m icy as hockey games
Need a real one that don’t like me ’cause of the fame
Hold my team down like a fight before the bell ring
Ain’t no refund when you cop, so what you payin’?
Ain’t no details for the cops so what you sayin’?
You went from food to starvation ’cause y’all hatin’
See what I got? That’s all patience and God’s amazing
See what I came out of dawg? That should be motivation
Now all I think about’s broad chasing and car racing
Money so long, my arm shaking, the foreign banking
I’m off the shore, flow so hot, I could spar with Satan
I open doors with my voice so [?] my face is
Rollie mixed race, got a big face
Gotta get cake, brought a big plate
Prada windbreak, thought I went late
Now that Benz skate, down the interstate
How’d I get great? Not a mistake

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