Bell Witch – Mirror Reaper Lyrics

The moments’ repose
Awoke eyes of ice
In vision froze, froze
The melting world
All is around
But within is barren, is barren

Drying the water
Anchor me in ice
Mirror of the reaper
The arrow of my eyes

Slow, beating pendulum
Don’t measure time
I’ll sink the heavens
While reaching for the dawn

Seven eyes sewn open, bestow
As Above, So Below
Water mirrors and the stillness grows…

Into Seven more

The bondage throne

The waves that shore
Two thirsty hands
Sewing a needle of blood
To bind me
To bind me
Weaving the ocean

Through which I flood
The heaven of blood
To bind me
I’m bound to
The waves of no shore

Floods that sleeve
The reach of the drought
To bleed evermore
Empty me
Empty me
Ash of the ocean
To bind me
(Sewing needle of drought)
To bind me
Weaving the ocean
(Weaving pendulum)

Hanging, weaving the ground
A breathless fabric of floating ashes
Tied, and then rewound

(Weaved in the needle)
The cycle turns around
Air, burnt to ashen mountains
(Weaving the ground)
Swimming underground

Silent gavel
(Of time)
It’s burning in the sky

Be not where you lay
Lest the bond be broken
Vanish where you stay
Timeless in the well
Lest the song is spoken
Over for the sell

Eye of the cold
Will scald in the fold
Higher than low

Dripping from the scene
Lest the scalding ocean
Is drowning all the trees
Time to fall this cell
Know the name of harrowed
With it you’ll do well

The crane that only felt was never seen as spoken
Its vanished from my self
The tame you would arise
Formulate the harrowed
Vanish in the eye
Vanish in the eyes
Vanish from the skies

The stain that only sees
Crawl like rain
Is only led through harrowed
For disdain
When practiced at the dream
When nothing left to see
Naught to feign
Call the name upon this floor
Nor to drain
Know that it is more
And opened in the shallows
None for sane
When nothing could be more
But for more
When nothing could be more
Burn the core
You see the final shore from before
Bleed beyond the poor
Last of lore
Drip upon the floor
Seen as more
Vanish for the more
Told it well
Called beyond the well
Then tore the shell
Led beyond the chill
When nothing held
Stone the moon as well
But something fell
For which you could have found

Float the moon as well…

Float the moon as well…

All who strayed beyond the shadows have nothing to disdain
All that soared away from reason were held aloft in sway
All that’s widening the narrows will crumble to decay

Lie of the sold
(Lie of the sold)
Would warm in the cold
Desire will hold

In the Motion
Lied and light had froze
Might of the fever
Hold my eyes to know

Dry the waves
Anchor ice
Mirror reaper
Arrowed eyes

An ice of pieces
Of what was once there
The skin of being
Flayed as though
The air

Dry the land
Anchor sand
Mirror reaper
Gallows stand
Slow the heart
Still the tide
Sink the heavens
From the sky

All that laid upon this hallowed yet crumbling domain
All who strayed beyond the shadows have nothing to disdain

This cycle thus froze
When seeking a repose
The thawing of peace
Drips backward to the freeze
Now motion lies still
With naught left for the kill
A fever long boiled
And venom to recoil

The pendulum slows
Then stilled under the cold
In absence he flies
In presence we will writhe

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