Fortes – Mentor Lyrics

(Verse 1)
High when I wake up, thinking what I wanna buy from Jacob, that’s father time and mother nature, teacher said keep your eyes on your paper, BIG said laugh now cry later, I listen to albums in entirety, fighting sobriety, I do it quietly, but it’s hard when my vices say hi to me, I just got a text from anxiety, but Gods guiding me, my pops gave all the hustle that’s inside of me, I value my privacy, Shadow of a Ghost, Styles P

(Verse 2)
I remember the first time I met him, I was tryna help him find the wine he was getting, asked for an autograph, Styles is a legend, I was hoping I could rhyme for a second, it took years til we rhyme on a record, til he recognized my effort, wheatgrass with the cayenne pepper, drink a juice and I feel better, sometimes I can’t believe my life, first time I heard him was on “My Life”, my life is all I have, my rhymes, my pen, my pad

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