Picture It In Ruins – Recession Lyrics

In hopes that we can spell this out for you i’ll say these words and shoot straight and true. if it enters your mind….please excuse the intrusion im not the problem not the solution im only trying to bring, bring you hope. an act of courage a rite of passage, i stand here boldly and tread here slowly. so know that this will only bring you back to life or what you call your existence, don’t waste your breath trying to pretend what is left will only come to an end. i can’t believe this you can only guess what the meaning of life is. I know what pain is, but i dont know if i can take this. We have nothing to fear, but i still don’t know why we came here. your either with us or against us to be completly honest either way your dead either way your f**king dead if i ever meet my maker id give advice on how to make this better to make us better

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