King Los – No Names Lyrics

[Verse 1]
How do you tell somebody that you love that you love ’em so much
They about to hate you for what you about to tell ’em
Swore you would never fail ’em
But failure’s only perspective
Guess I’m overprotective
Stressing over the method
Neglected over the blessings I found
Well, what did you find?
I found out that ninety five percent of us blind
Religion say we sinners but what’s in us divine
Tell your preacher he should google Ancient Kemet sometime
Never-mind me I’m lost in the sunrise
Nobody ever loves but everyone lies
My own family said I sold my soul to the devil
They must’ve never saw the God in my son’s eyes
Meanwhile you’re in conflict, bickering nonsense
Making love to a doctrine that’s wicked in content
Question-, if your psychology of theology came from the slave master’s ideology then why should you acknowledge me?
I mean to kill the black family was his policy?
To be continued……

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