Coolzey – Do Lyrics (feat. Headnodic)

Do you really wanna do that? Think it over and over until you freeze
You say ‘I can’t get over how I blew my chance. This isn’t how I wanted it to be.’
But it’s to late, yeah it’s too late, we tell ourselves, to teach this dog to live again
Despair is in the air. It’s hard to even care. The food you eat the clothes you wear: it’s all fallin’ away now

All I can say to you is you should know you’re not alone. All you can say to me is please answer your telephone. But I don’t wanna do that. I’m to busy singing. Singin’ to myself. And it goes


Here I am once again bringin’ the candy to your ear drums
Another rhyme I wrote while I was waitin’ for the beer to come

Chocolate and flowers ‘cus I love to you smile
C double O-L, old to the new style

3 or 4 Stellas then I hit the vaporizer
Nobody gets liver than the party organizer

Decent drunk driver ‘cus my life has been a crash course

Traveling the world until I end up on the last porch

Sitting on a swing lookin’ at the night sky, knowing every second is a second that I might die
So why try and fight it? See a joint then I light it

This rhyme, I didn’t write it, ‘cus by voices I’m guided
But lately they been singin’ and bringin’ all types o’ ruckus
Lettin’ me know I don’t have to support the suckas

Tuck us all in with a bottle o’ gin
Dumb and dumber ‘cus it’s summer time again

I made it rhyme again, now you askin’ what it’s about:
Eatin’ up a rookie like a cookie from a girl scout

I hurl out rhymes like my girl throwin’ my stuff out the window in LA. That was a swell day
Skip the sarcasm ‘cus I’m tryin’ to be frank
You never see me laughin’ on the way to the bank
But afterwards you see me bringin’ beer to the barbecue. What I’d like to do to my crew is say ‘THANK YOU’


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