Lupe Fiasco – Rest Up Big Homey…We Got It From Here Lyrics

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And he said
He said “Black”
He said “Black”
He said “Black”
He said “Black”
He said “Black is beautiful”
He said ”Black is beautiful”
He said that “Black is beautiful, beautiful”
He tell me “Black is beautiful”
He said “Black is beautiful”, yeah

Yeah, uh
Gorgeous, like George is
The portrait of a summertime Georgia, maybe
Or an Alabama farm
Made back against the wall at the mall, crazy
Let’s take it back to that Mercedes in front of the store
Stephen put your baby on his shoulders like a chauffeur
And she told us exactly who you are
For every trail, known to carry revolution, every twenty dollar bills
H-Town Don (Don, don, don)
They say we doin’ dirt, but we just break down ground
That’s what happens when you’re sons of mother earth
Things you said reflected the love for the church
Your fellow man and your brothers and the lurch
They be lurkin’, trying not to go berserk
The only way that they can express they hurt
Kinda like how I be doin’ with verse
For me birth, to you reverse
I think they misheard your last piece of work
The last words of a good man, pure and unrehearsed
The shell heard around the earth with your final breath
The last word, right before you left were-

Black is beautiful
I heard you say “Black is beautiful”
We heard you say “Black is beautiful”
We all heard you say “Black, black is beautiful”

So, Big Floyd, man, say, I’m back at it, man
Gettin’ back on up, man, you know
We had to do some things, man, to bounce back, man
I’m just sharin’ right now, you know what I’m sayin’?
‘Cause man, people quick to caught you out, man
But, just shit so, [?] in, you know
One thing about the whole flow, man, I love the world
Right with my own, as in by the motion and they know that
You know, ’cause, like
People be actin’ like they be scared about the race war
Worried ’bout that next man gon’ say
Man, you got to get down, know what I’m sayin’?
Like I ain’t here to show out and all that, you know
You should just break the motivation, somebody to wanna get God
He might need it, or whatever you’re goin’ through, man
Man, don’t let Instagram fool you, man
And get you depressed, lookin’ at what other people doing and all that, man
I love you man, Big Floyd, [?] on family

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