Pj Morton – Dad’s Interlude: IN CLOSING Lyrics (feat. Bishop Paul S. Morton)

Son, you are amazing
And that's why I know you're able, even with the crossover
With how you've brought such great music to the world with what you do
Even with secular music
But even your gift, your gift with what God has given to you spiritually, a lot of people don't know
And I'll say this in closing
I had a breakdown in 1998 that really got you down
Because this was your dad, this was the dad that you loved
And you was just a teenager when you wrote that song
"Our Design," to put it in God's hands, it's out of mine

So you've been doing it for years and years and years
And you have simply become the best
They used to call me, they used to say
"Bishop Paul Morton, is that your son?"
Now thеy say, "Aren't you PJ's dad?"
It's just a whole new world, it's a wholе new world
Oh man, well you're still, you're, you're still number one in my book, Dad
Love you, son
Alright, love you too

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