Spiffyuno – 3am In South Central Lyrics


Yeah, aww yeah…bang what up nigga

BMG look, yeah…look look


Ain't no way they can tell you I'm not a threat I'm a rookie well yeah I guess but I'm spitting just like a vet nigga
They don't get It reception Is not the best when your bars are not to Impress how you separate from the rest nigga
Like bad service y'all ain't sending no message
All my niggas Shooting like a roast session
I put my fingers to a "w" I'm coast repping you want these bars or a gun I use both weapons
This Builders, don't forget the International
No time for bs my schedule ain't tangible dog
These bars you can't handle em dog I was told I'm a beast, I'm a animal dog get It
Lyrical bully putting nigga's In the Locker
Man I'm only focused on my goals Like soccer
…Watch the money propel Like helicopters
I speak vivid they can see these words, teleprompter

Forgive em lord for they don't know who they messing with
I've been diagnosed with bars and I ain't taking my medicine
All My mans ain't kind nigga this Is not wrestling
Treat The Bars Like a BeyBlade nigga just let em RIP
….Speaking of rip R.I.P To all the trash rappers
I black mask em, black gloves then black bag em
It's black ops when tech pop I dump magnums
The human form of a Charizard I'm the last dragon
..Nigga If I ain't ate , then I'm a pop nines
If you don't give me my spinach, I'll have to Pop Eyes
..Outta the socket don't play with profit I'm knocking noggins
Spill his noddles then make a pasta that's olive garden
All the anger and frustration I give em that
I bet a gun will make a p*ssy talk, nigga Aristocrats
I'm the reason why y'all act so nervous
Y'all ain't got no bars that's bad phone service….Sprint Aha

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