Dave Simonett – It Comes And Goes Lyrics

I like the view out your window
And I like the coming cold
And I hope we remember
That we might be getting old
So let's shake off the sadness
And all of the hell we made

Before we go any farther
Let's stop here a while
And the dogs can chase the moonlight
I swear I saw a smile
When the first breeze of September
Took our breath away

Oh, it comes and goes
Oh, it comes and goes

There's never been any answers

Or any hidden light
And I can see your reflection
When the water is just right
I've been hiding lately
And maybe getting worse

You'd run the rain out of Houston
If you pointed south
And the words that once came easy
Are stuck back in my mouth
And it's a world full of changes
And ancient dying days
Oh, it comes and goes
Oh, it comes and goes

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