Hamell On Trial – Slap Lyrics

Well the alkies and the hookers, the drug addicts and more
The hackers thieves and pushers are all welcome at our door
But if you come in thinking you're going to play us for a sap
You'll be pushing up f*cking daisies, the wrong end of a slap


You'll get a slap, you'll get a slap, don't want to hear your f*cking crap, this is the one place your shit doesn't sell
If you don't do right oh man you'll get the back of our hand we'll meet you at the gates of hell

He was abusive to his wife, the broken bones and the black eyes he was a cop and he would boast and he would brag. He shoved his way up to the bar so we tied him to our car and took him to I-80 for a drag

He was called the 'Foreclose King', they said he had a thing for evicting families from their nests. Although he safely left the bar, the brakes were severed in his car and at the bottom of Lake Michigan he rests

Don't need no Nazi f*cks round here, the glowing Klan talk with his beer, his swastika tattoo proudly displayed. He was on his second gin and he was cut from cock to chin and the owner of the knife was never made

Oh the church patrons would tell of a priest they knew too well, he would anoint the alter boys of his liking. His bed in flames, he never woke, a lit cigarette, he didn't smoke, no we gave him the funeral of a Viking!

He was a lawyer or CEO, Jesus I don't f*cking know, a politician or some other arrogant prick. He didn't do anything overtly bad it was just that f*cking smirk he had so Bobby caved in his head with a brick


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