Hamell On Trial – Toast Lyrics

I drink tonight to Trudy, from Paris to Denmark, who never knew her sister and followed in the dark, who's breasts rose and fell like finance, like laughter, like song, who never had a conscience so never could be wrong
And I raise a toast to Jacob, his vices, his moods, in our youth we two scavanged, for love for time for food. Hitchhiked from seaport to desert, with a bird a fox a snake, I visit the cemetery this evening, and take refuge on their grave


I raise a glass as a tribute as a sign. I raise a glass cause you’re always on my mind, I raise a glass to what's been left behind, raise a glass. Raise your bloody glass

Let's tip a few to Albert, with his fingers and his beard, he will always be a mystery and his children all cried weird. With his rats and his pianos, with his wife who never sang, with his owl and his leopard and his bell that never rang

I’m so drunk I'll confess of Nancy, olive skin and hair of night. It's been decades since I've seen her but others have the sight. Her hollowed mouth her vacant eyes, and still she speaks in tongues, her voyage is here in alleys, and her dreams now all far flung

Maryanne still drinks at the harbor, behind the bar as well, she sent her address with a simple note, perfumed, 'Don't tell'. She paints pictures of the sunset, there's a corpse she hides this eve, I remember when we were children, she’d whisper close, ‘Don't leave’
I raise a glass up to the stars and question 'Are you here?' You probably burned out years ago sometimes you seem so near. The ghosts all sing to the wind they want to share, they want me to shed tears of want they want me now to care


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