Money Man – Average Lyrics

I’ma pull up in a minute
It’s gon’ be gone in a minute

Why is you with him he regular
This shit I’m hittin’ ain’t regular
Black on my shoes I’m a predator
I swear [?]
f*ck up a check with [?]
Nothing I’m doing is average
She said her nigga just average
That nigga should be embarrassed

f*ck is you doing you slackin’
I’m counting money relaxin’
I’m in the trap on the daily
Used to be broke but I did a 180
I’m with a bitch getting faded
Most of these niggas be hatin’
He tryna [?]
That money drivin’ me crazy

These niggas should be embarrassed
This shit I’m rocking from Paris
MY wrist is flooded with carrots
That shit be heavily glarin’


I’ma re up in a minute
I’ll have some more in a minute
I blow the check and replenish
All of my niggas about action
Trappin’ in designer fashion
She said her nigga just average
I said that shit is apparent
I just can’t settle for average
I know that these niggas be sour
They know the world is ours
I get it done in an hour
We got the money and power


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