Armani Caesar – THE LIZ Lyrics

Uh, yo (AC, the motherf*ckin' diva)

New gun come with a drum, but no beam (Brra)
I get in the booth, no turkey, I go ham (Come on)
Shoutout to the bitches who hate me but still dance (Ha)
Get it how you live, keep f*ckin' that old man (Ah-hahaha)
Frontin' ass niggas, showin' they whole hand (Hand)
Hatin' on the low but really a whole fan (Tuh, facts)
You scared to get it poppin', I'm really a ho's aunt (Aunt)
Call my new Glock jelly, I promise it won't jam (Brra)
Bon appétit, the plan was to eat (To eat)
Like some new orthopedics, bitch, I'm back on my feet (Bitch, I'm back on my feet, uh-huh)
I'm tryna make a million a week (Uh-huh)
And I ain't gon' stop 'til the mission complete (Nah)
Niggas floodin' my DMs, they be tryna meet (Huh)
Elastigirl, I'm so out of they reach, shit (So out of they reach)

In this game, shit, Armani major league (League)
I turn dudes into fiends who wake up like Charlie Sheen (Woo)
Hot boss from a pretty team (Ooh)
I'm the first bitch of the winnin' team (Griselda, bitch)
Pull up on you, let thirty fly (Brra)
'Bout that action, Jackson, call me Dirty Di' (Woo, who)
Humble beast, I hate to boast (Damn)
Bruce Leeroy with the flow, bitch, I really got the glow (Uh huh)
Bitch, lady, ho, call me anything but broke (Keep goin')
Gettin' green by a goblin while I'm ridin' in the Ghost (Ooh)
Why the bitches with the least do the most? (Do the most)
Huffin' and puffin', but don't really want the smoke (Tuh, want the smoke)
Rollie or AP, f*ck it, cop 'em both (Cop 'em both)
Doin' donuts in the Demon, but I'm leavin' holy smoke (Skrrt)

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