Lil Yachty – If you move on I will still love you Lyrics

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If I move on I still love you

[Verse 1]
Doin ya wrong, Doin ya bad
Doin you wrong, doin ya bad, I done fucked up
All that love I had for you I had it tucked up
All in my mind, I’ve been trippin thinking about the rewind
You done moved on to a new kind, damn I took to long
That’s my bad, that’s my fault, [?]
I still got the same number if you want me back
I can live without you but I’m goin to be sad
I can live without you and I’m still gone be successful
But these n might finesse you
I can’t let em, let a n do you wrong
This baby choppa gone dissect em
I knew you was the one for me cause I’m in love with first impressions
I know you is not a priest but can you please sing my confessions
When I seen you for the first time you look like an angel out of heaven
You a 10 not a 7, in New York not 11
And if I have a daughter imma name her Angelina, middle name coral, last name McCollum
When she turn 16 Imma buy her a Beamer
Her grandmother need her, she don’t play either
And I hope that baby have your features
That’s a beautiful creature

I don’t want, you to move on, No
But girl if you do, i still love you
I do, My boo

[Verse 2]
Shawty look so good in my clothes
Shawty look so good in the clothes that I pick out
When I get up in it I really ain’t tryna get out
Soon as I see you girl I know you wanna fuck me
Layin in the back, girl your tellin me you love me
Hand on your face while I’m rubbin on your stomy
Any n that get you then he lucky
I just wanna see lil baby smile
It’s been a minute since I seen you
Way to long, patek on my arm
[?] my mom
Let’s start a family on a farm

I don’t want, you to move on, No
But girl if you do, i still love you
I do, My boo

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