Tanzverbot – Double Peace Lyrics

[Songtext zu „Double Peace“]


[Part 1]
I don't like you, what you talk about a bitch
What you think about a motherf*ckin' bitch?
Bitch, yo, you look like a motherf*ckin' bitch
And when I talk about bitches, I don't like it
I groove on the street and I see people
It's like a bitch [?]
You think you was a good guy but I don't like you
Because I don't like you
When you need a reason for what I don't like you
Ist mir doch scheißegal, halt ma' deine Fresse, yeah
Double peace inside of your mouth
When you think you was a good guy, I kill you

Every day, every night, I kill you
When you think you was good, I kill you
Halt ma' deine Fresse, I kill you
Double-Double peace, I kill you
[Part 2]
I'm sitting on my seat on the home
And I don't like you when you talk about the same shit
Every day, every night, TANZVERBOT is back
And gibt dir ganz einfach eine rein in deine Fresse, Bitch

Every day and every night, TANZVERBOT is back
Every day, every night, TANZVERBOT is back
Every day, every night, TANZVERBOT is back
And the bottle inside of your motherf*cking mouth
Yeah, you don't like what I talk about is shit
f*ck you, bitch, I kill you every day or year
Mann, this is my motherf*cking street
I'm living on Berlin, motherf*cking Berlin
Yo, greetings to the Germany
I like Germany, greetings to the Germany
Capital city from the Germany is Berlin
And I'm livin' here and I love it
Yeah, I'm walking on the street in Berlin
And I like motherf*cking Berlin
Every day, every night, yeah, TANZVERBOT is back
2020, when I sag', dass ich keine Ahnung habe, was ich sage
Yeah, Mann, I'm a great speaking english people
I like English speaking every day and every night
I am from England, you don't hear it?
Shut the f*ck up, I kill you bitch, hear it

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