King Von Reveals Lil Durk Was Why He Was In Atlanta In Posthumous Interview

Although King Von ws a Chicagoan, he was shot and killed in Atlanta.

More information is coming to light about the details of King Von’s life in the weeks leading up to his untimely death back in November of 2020. According to his manager, Von was busy creating content to promote his album, Welcome to O’Block, which dropped only a few days before the rapper was shot and killed. His management team revealed that Von was working on music, music videos, and interviews during his final days, and XXL has now released one of those interviews, which was conducted two weeks before he died.

King Von was very visible on the streets of Atlanta towards the end of his life, despite being a native of Chicago. According to his interview with XXL, Von was staying a little less than an hour outside of Atlanta and explained that he was there because of his friend and collaborator Lil Durk, saying, “Durk picked it. It’s the only place I had to go other than Chicago, so I came out here with him.” When asked if he was missing his hometown, Von replied, “Nah, I see Chicago often. I go out there, so nah, I don’t miss it. It’s right there.”

The interview went on to address King Von’s career, including how he got started and his approach to writing his lyrics. He also talked about his hobbies and interests outside of music, including his love for reading. Von surely had a lot left to give before he was taken in a tragic act of violence, and his estate is continuing to release his finished work, including a new music video for his single “Armed & Dangerous,” which dropped today, January 11. His manager has revealed that Von had several unreleased music videos completed at the time of his death, so we are likely to see more from the deceased rapper in the coming months.

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