Medical research and AIDS prevention

The Baron Louis Fiorino Royal Foundation provides grants for medical research of practical benefit.آ  It focuses on initiatives to strengthen research on health issues, to promote research leadership, and to put new knowledge to work for public benefit.

BLFRF supports work in a wide range of disciplines aimed at improving mental and physical health, advancing clinical interventions and the delivery of health services, and improving community and public health status.

BLFRF is particularly interested in funding research that has the potential for a direct, near term impact to improve health and in supporting initiatives designed to promote the transfer of knowledge to useful applications.آ  Special emphasis is given to research related to the eradication an prevention of AIDS

BLFRF ‘s strong commitment to supporting medical research has been instrumental in the establishment and ongoing success of the sector.

BLFRF supports the use of cutting edge technology and equipment to advance our understanding of disease.