Promoting Education and access to Information Technology

BLFRF mission is to promote education for people in various parts of the world and prepare them to improve their own lives and communities.

Underlying this mission is a commitment to affect the essence of education for disadvantaged people. We believe that education should be practical, inclusive, and socially responsible. We also believe that Information Technology should play a main role in education

Practical:آ  BLFRF believes that students’ ability to apply knowledge, skills, and values learned through their education s crucial to make practical improvements in their own lives and surrounding environment.

Inclusive: We also believe that education should be inclusive and BLFRF is providing financial aid and better equipment to students worldwide. BLFRF promotes education that serves the needs of all students, regardless of their academic performance, and prepares them not just for exams but for real life.

Socially Responsible:آ  BLFRF encourages students to learn about their surrounding environment. We promote opportunities for them to engage in investigating and impacting problems in their surroundings so that they develop a sense of social responsibility and confidence about their ability to make a positive difference.

Information Technology: BLFRF believes that Information Technology is the only way to go in supporting education. Thus, we support any project that involves information technology, advanced technology equipment and communication methods. We encourage people to submit their projects now.